Quinoa and Kiwi

Someday I will serve this to my future children, and they will refuse to eat it because they'll claim it looks like barf.

And, despite the fact that I will try to convince my future children that it is a nutritious dish of quinoa in a spicy tomato sauce including Farmers' Market tomatoes, three cloves garlic, cumin, mustardseed, chili peppers, and turmeric-and-pepper (for their precious health), they will continue to insist that it looks like barf and they want hot dogs.

Also they'll probably compare the kiwi to snot or something.

(The quinoa dish tasted really good, btw--much better than it looks! I probably should have plated the quinoa into a mound, made a well with my spoon, and ladled in the sauce. Then, at least, I could have told my future children it was a volcano. A volcano... of nutrients.)

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